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Getting Back on the Health and Wellness Horse- Part 3


Mindset Practice

Mindset practices are the cornerstone of any successful wellness practice. Here are some ideas to gain the focus, motivation, and endurance to stay the path.

Music Motivation


This is probably my number one motivation tool. For me, there is nothing like blasting some tunes throughout the house or in my car to get me in the right mood. Most days, my wife, Shelley, tells me it is too early for some of my song choices, but you gotta go with what you are feeling!

Motivational words

Recently, my wife and I have started listening to David Goggins. Talk about something that just gets you up and moving! Fair warning, he sometimes uses colorful language so this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Find someone that hits the spot for you.


My wife enjoys getting in one of Gala Darling’s tapping sessions on a variety of subjects. Again, language may be an issue, so beware. Her overall vibe is very positive and uplifting. You can research more about how tapping works but either way, her sessions will leave you feeling super chill, confident, and even blissful!

Vision board

Vision board

Regularly looking at positive images can be a very powerful tool. A vision board can be a collage of words, images or a combination of both. Whether you do it on paper or via Pinterest, it's a way to put your goals front and center for you to see everyday. Think of it as instructions for the universe (or your subconscious if that’s too out-there for you).



An easy mantra is “I am”. Sitting in a quiet place, repeat the words, “I am.” This is a great way to clear your mind and center yourself. Check out this YouTube video of Deepak Chopra guiding you through this meditation.

Just like anything else, mindset is a practice, and practice makes perfect. We all have moments of self-doubt and mental weakness. It’s our human nature. Our ego says, this is too hard, this isn’t for me, I’m not capable. More on tips for overcoming monkey-mind on a future post. The difference between someone who overcomes those challenges, is mindset. When your negative thoughts creep in, show yourself some grace, reset, come back when you’re feeling recharged and jump back into it. Just don’t give up. You’re a human, not a machine.

As humans we are more likely to follow through with a routine if we are consistent. It often takes 2 months to turn a new practice into a routine. According to the trans-theoretical model of behavioral change, we are less likely to relapse to old behaviors if we have been consistent with our actions for over 6 months (Kelly, 2021). So, take it one day at a time, one good choice at a time, one good thought at a time. Focus on what's going well and then go with the flow.

Are you interested in getting back into the swing of eating healthy or exercising? Is there an illness or condition that you want help getting under control? You can do this! Sometimes it’s nice to have a little guidance on the path. I offer personalized health consultations about plant-based nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and social connection. Check out the Services page of my website for more information.

I'm offering a FREE 20-minute consultation if you would like to discuss your goals and see if we are good fit.

In the meantime, keep moving forward!


John Kelly and Jeni Clayton, Foundation of Lifestyle Medicine: Board Review Manual, 3rd ed. (Chesterfield, MO, 2021), 39

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